How to pursue modelling as a career in India

Often people catechizes me about how to become a model. I have started my modelling career as a pageant aspirant back in 2015. But there are many alternatives to get through this track and to make your own avenue sharper.
Before you head towards this career you should get to know it’s pros and cons. Being a model, often people have few fallacy about it.
they misinterpret in some cases like you must have scintillating skin, skinny body, appealing looks, soaring height, but to be really frank that isn’t true at all.
Anybody can end up being a model irrespective of those charming height and skin colour.

Tips before you head into this lucrative career

  • Do practice taking your shots from your phone
  • Be well groomed
  • Have few basic knowledge on dressing.
  • Do diet and exercises on daily basis.

There are plurality of types of modelling- Ramp models, print ads/catalogue, e-commerce, Television, commercial, look book for designer, artistic nudes, music videos, short movies and many more.

Steps to get into it:

  1. Get in touch with those top agencies of your nearest location, it is even convenient to google them.
  2. Get in touch with few a droit photographers and even try to seek help from your model friends. And make sure that you have done your portfolio.
  3. Make yourself conversant to modelling agencies, do share your portfolio if they like your portfolio then you will be informed for your work.
  4. You can also do a pageant shows just for that experience, it can even open few possibilities, if sponsors like your performance or if you got your first win at contest but remember pageant is different from model.
  5. This is the last point of this topic which nobody gonna tell uh networking is the key. do make friends wherever uh go having friends doesn’t mean uh have to get in touch with them on regular basis but yes be in contact.

Some helpful tips for uh fellas:

  • Be negotiable
  • Be polite and alert about your surroundings.
  • Do learn modelling stuffs from youtube.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfy attires off camera, you don’t necessarily need to dressup like a model all the time.


If you are planning to be a freelance model and take full control of your professional life.
It is crucial to understand both its pros and cons. freelancing is very lucrative in India.
If you still have any doubt get in touch with me on my social media account.
and yes be confident and keep smiling.

For modelling and pageant preparing contact- aarohigroomingschool


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